Your Trusted Solar & Roofing Partner

Our story is illuminated by the radiant vision of a sustainable future. We burst onto the solar scene in 2017, driven by a shared commitment to harnessing the power of the sun to make the world a cleaner, greener place. With a combined experience of 25 years in the renewable energy industry, our founders embarked on a journey to transform not just rooftops but the way we all think about energy.

Trustworthy Excellence

Our A+ BBB Accreditation Sets Us Apart!

Our Mission

Our mission is crystal clear: to help our clients reduce their carbon footprint and save money while doing it. We believe that sustainability should not be a compromise; it should be a lifestyle. Roofio empowers you to take control of your energy destiny, providing you with high-quality solar panels and top-notch roofing services that not only shield you from the elements but also reduce your reliance on fossil fuels.

A Beacon of Sustainability

We are more than just a solar company; we are a beacon of sustainability in a world increasingly hungry for clean energy solutions. Our passion for helping people live more sustainably fuels our every endeavor. We understand that every rooftop presents a canvas of potential, a place where we can create an eco-friendly masterpiece. This is why we go above and beyond to ensure our customers are not just satisfied but delighted with the quality of our work.

Why choose roofio?

Experience Matters

With 12 years in the renewable energy industry, our expertise shines through in every project we undertake.

Quality Assurance

We’re only satisfied once you’re thrilled. Our commitment to quality workmanship is unwavering.

Tailored Solutions

Whether it’s solar, roofing repair, or storm restoration, roofio offers custom plans and a seamless process from start to end.

Sustainability is Our Passion

We’re committed to making your lifestyle more sustainable, one solar panel at a time.

Your Journey to Energy Independence Begins Here

Here at roofio, we don’t just install solar panels and roofs; we ignite a journey towards energy independence. Our commitment to excellence and sustainability runs deep, permeating every aspect of our work. We are your partners in reducing carbon footprints, lowering energy bills, and creating a greener, brighter tomorrow.

Join us in our quest to reshape the energy landscape, one rooftop at a time. Together, we’ll turn your property into a shining example of what the future can be—a place where the power of the sun meets the strength of quality craftsmanship, and where environmental responsibility and financial savings coexist harmoniously.