Don’t Miss JD De La Rosa Take Center Stage at SolarCon 2024!

Calling all solar enthusiasts! The countdown is on for SolarCon 2024, the premier event for the solar industry, happening April 18th-20th in Salt Lake City, Utah. This year’s conference promises to be a landmark event, featuring a lineup of inspiring speakers ready to ignite your passion for solar energy, including roofio’s founder JD De La Rosa, who’s one of the panel speakers.

JD’s Journey to Solar Advocacy

JD’s story is one of dedication and passion. For over a decade, he’s championed solar energy, driven by a vision of a future powered by clean sources. roofio wasn’t just born from a desire to install panels; it stemmed from a commitment to empower homeowners and build a brighter tomorrow.

Now, JD takes the stage at SolarCon, ready to share his experiences and insights. His participation isn’t just about roofio’s success; it’s about uniting the industry and propelling solar adoption forward.

Be Part of the Movement JD Leads

SolarCon offers a unique opportunity to learn from JD and countless other industry leaders. Imagine:

  • Hearing firsthand about JD’s inspiring journey and the transformative power of solar energy.
  • Engaging with experts across the solar spectrum, from installation to financing.
  • Discovering the latest advancements that are shaping the future of solar technology.
    Join Us and Shine On!

Join Us and Shine On!

SolarCon is more than a conference; it’s a movement. It’s your chance to connect with a passionate community and become an active participant in building a sustainable future.



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