Deep Dive into Solar’s Future with Battery Backups and Market Shifts

Recent breakthroughs in battery storage and changing solar panel tariffs are shaking up the solar industry. But what does it all mean for you? This episode features a thought-provoking discussion with industry leaders:

  • JD De La Rosa, Founder of roofio
  • Carl Stoneking, Sales Manager at Unicorn Solar Inc.
  • Lucien Banton, Building and Energy Consultant
  • Dusting Barron, Green Tech CED


Solar battery backup storage

Listen in as industry experts unpack the potential of battery storage in revolutionizing solar power, analyze the impact of recent tariff changes, and explore the evolving opportunities within the solar market. This insightful conversation sheds light on whether solar remains a “bright spot” in the energy landscape, offering valuable information for homeowners, businesses, and anyone interested in the future of clean energy.


Key Takeaways from the Texas Solar Industry Discussion (REplus Houston)

This blog post summarizes a podcast discussion about the solar energy industry in Texas, particularly insights gleaned from the REplus Houston event. Here are the key takeaways:

  • The solar industry in Texas is booming: The REplus Houston event was much larger than previous years, indicating a surge in interest.
  • Battery storage is a top trend: Driven by factors like policy changes and a desire for energy independence, battery storage adoption is rapidly increasing in Texas.
  • Commercial solar is a growth area: While residential solar might be plateauing, there’s significant potential in commercial solar installations.
  • Tax credits and financing options are improving: The Inflation Reduction Act and other initiatives are making solar power more financially attractive for both residential and commercial customers.
  • Solar panel tariffs are impacting costs: Recent changes in tariffs may cause a slight increase in solar panel prices.
  • Educating consumers is crucial: As the industry evolves, providing clear explanations about tax incentives, financing options, and different system configurations is essential for homeowners and businesses to make informed decisions.


In conclusion, the Texas solar market is experiencing a period of significant growth, with battery storage and commercial installations at the forefront. As costs become more favorable and consumer education improves, solar power is poised to play an even bigger role in Texas’ energy landscape.

This is just a glimpse into the exciting world of solar energy. To stay ahead of the curve and learn more about the latest trends, technologies, and financing options, be sure to tune in to our upcoming podcast discussions where we delve deeper into everything solar!


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